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Marble Ganesh Ji Statue

Pandit marble moorti arts are the manufacturer of marble ganesh statues in Jaipur. Get a marble ganesh statue in pure white marble. Lord Ganesha, also fondly called as ‘Ganapati’ is the divine source of prosperity and power in this eternal universe. He is the symbol of joy, prosperity, and happiness. Every auspicious work is initiated after taking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Peace, prosperity, and good luck befall those who seek Ganesha’s divine blessings. Who doesn’t want the presence of Ganesh Ji at their homes? Marble Ganesha statues are the best way to bring home the divine presence of Ganesha.

Bring positive home energy with Lord Ganesha marble statues.

To remove all obstacles from your life, and improve your family’s health, bring home a marble statue of Lord Ganesha. We, at Pandit Marble Moorti arts, sculpt exquisite Ganesha Marble statues that will enhance the positive energy of your home. These Ganesha statues have an aesthetic appeal as we craft them with the help of fine craftsmen. These craftsmen and master sculptors are based in Jaipur and are equipped with the traditional marble statue making skills.

Our marble Ganesh statues are made from the finest quality marble. We believe in providing our clients with the best quality marble statues, so you can be assured that you will always find the best with us. Lord Ganesha is known to alleviate everyone who is suffering. Having his statue at your home will eliminate negative energy and give you immense happiness and wealth.

Types of Ganesh Ji Marble Statues

We have a vast collection of Ganesh Ji marbles statues that you can buy. All the statues are sculpted from the hands of expert sculptors of Jaipur. According to Hindu tradition, there are thirty-two forms of Ganesha. We provide every type of Ganesha marble statues according to the client’s needs. The different types of Ganesha idols have a different meaning in Hindu devotion.

The statues are classified based on the posture, characteristics, and the position of the trunk. Here are some of the stunning marble statues that you will find at Pandit Marble Moorti arts.

Based on the posture and shape of the statue:

Bala Ganesha:
Bala Ganesha was a depiction of Ganesha when he was a child. In the statue, Ganesha can be seen holding a modak, mango, or other fruits in his hands. Bala Ganesha denotes fertility and wisdom. Bringing home, a Bala Ganesha statue will increase the positive energy around you and boost your wisdom.

Taruna Ganesha:
Ganesh Ji in his youthful form is known as Taruna Ganesha. Here, he has eight arms, and each arm holds an object of special importance. Taruna Ganesha statue at your home will increase your youthfulness and make you energetic.

Siddhi Ganesha:
The Siddhi Ganesha statue is a symbol of intellect and success. Here, Ganesha can be seen in a relaxed pose, holding flowers, fruits, and Modak in his hands.

Maha Ganesha:
This is the most commonly worshipped form of Lord Ganesha. Here, the Lord can be seen with ten hands. In each hand, he holds a broken tusk, blue lily, sugarcane, lotus, chakra, mace, paddy, pomegranate, and a pot of gems. It signifies wealth and prosperity.

Nritya Ganesha:
Here, Lord Ganesha can be seen in a happy and dancing pose. It signifies momentum and brings good fortune to your home. If you are suffering from stagnancy in your life, bring the Nritya Ganesha statue to your home.

Based on colour and style:

Pandit Marble Moorti’s excellent craftsmen and artists use the best art styles to design over a hundred varieties of Ganesha statues. We use the best quality marble to design all our statues. From high-quality material to beautiful designs, you can find it only at Pandit Marble Moorti arts. Here are some of our best designs that have pleased our clients all over the world.

Pure white marble Ganesha statue:
White is a colour of peace, tranquillity, and auspiciousness. A white marble Ganesha statue at your home can ease your sufferings and give you much-needed peace. Our excellent sculptors carve the marble statues from a single block of marble. With the help of chisels, they sculpt exquisite pieces from white marble. All the statues are polished to give them an ethereal feel. You can take home the beauty and tranquillity of white marble statues by ordering from us.

Gold leaf painted marble Ganesha statues:
Marble and gold can bring immense wealth and prosperity to your house. Our excellent artists paint the statue using gold leaf painting techniques. As a result, you get the most beautiful statues that have devotional significance. Some of the statues have beautiful jewel patterns engraved over the surface.

Multi-color Ganesha statue
Gold, red, and green are the most common colours you will find on Ganesha statues. These colours are considered auspicious and bring home good fortune. With the help of our statues, you can take home an exquisite Ganesha idol painted in beautiful colours. Our artists hand paint all the statues and give them a unique look.

Pandit Marble Moorti Arts has hundreds of statue designs in various shapes, arts, and styles. Ordering from us will give you many advantages, and you will find your statues shipped to your home within a few days. Our quality of marble is unmatched, and we provide the best deals to our regular customers. Head over to our website to know about the various statues we offer.

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